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A Call to Prayer for the Community of Ferguson


CCT encourages all Christians to pray for racial healing and reconciliation in our country, especially in the area of Saint Louis, MO.  In the next two weeks, a Grand Jury will make public their decision about the death of Michael Brown. We pray for the peace of the community of Ferguson.

As we invite the Church to pray, we also recognize the need to address issues of racial and economic justice in that community and across our country. In CCT’s response to Dr. MLK Letter from Birmingham Jail we said:

“The tendency to focus on symptoms rather than causes persists in our day. There is a danger of naively believing that the systemic causes of poverty among African Americans and other disadvantaged groups either never existed or have already been dealt with, and that current social problems may thus be attributed primarily to the choices of individuals. Without diminishing the importance of personal responsibility, we dare not negate or neglect the persistent systemic factors embedded in our laws, economic structures and popular culture that reinforce deep-seated racial disparities.”

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 “Mass Incarceration,” War, and the Great World House;
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“The primary reason black and Latinos do not receive equal protection is because we’re seen as inherently delinquent…” Asante Todd


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The faithful, saints and sinners, assemble together under the Church’s shelter to achieve repentance and forgiveness and to fortify the steadfastness of their will for the accomplishment of the Will of God. In this Church, the truth is preserved, proclaimed, and shared sacredly among the faithful. This Church is the divine Workshop for the teaching and sanctification of the faithful. It is the depository of truths for their redemption. There is nothing that contributes to the salvation of the faithful which is not contained in the Church’s ministry, its diakonia. The Church is the whole strength of faithful and pious Christians. These people constitute the “royal priesthood” by their sanctification and dedication.

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